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We just started a war
I’m losin’, can’t remember the score.
But all I hear u talking ‘bout
Is you want some more.
I’ma fight for me.
 (Good with you.)
 (Cool for me.)
Yeah, my anger is such a bore.
Still, I gotta fight for me
Until they tell me no more.
Evidently, I’m just an attention whore.
I asked you to show some love
And this is what you had for me.
Retrospectively, you declined.
Could I get a little respect?
Word, you can make it this time?
All right, don’t bite my head off.
My shame is already showing off.
I got these hundred years of reasons.
I got these hundred years of excuses.
But of course
I got these hundred guns, these hundred clips -
My philosophy’s discourse.
Let me borrow your shoulder for this chip.
That’s peace and all
But really not who I’m trying be.
I believe in reciprocity.
Not necessarily in kind
But at least a measure for me.
Look here, I’ve got a quick tempo
It’s up to you to keep pace.
Don’t worry, I’ll run with you
Not play about face.
Peace of mind.
Piece of speak.
Good vibes - you know the meek.
But, if it’s a simple mind you seek.
I’m cool, come take a peek.

I’m a fuckin’ geek.

For all the dim witted offended types -
Speaking loud, way too hype -
Your true colors need some shading
They’re nothing defined to me.
Too much joy in this life
To entertain your pain and strife.
All right, stop the music.
This just isn’t gonna work.
Treat me like a network.
Better yet, I’ll be the jerk.
Come on kids its funny.
Yeah, really kind of sweet.
If you don’t get the joke
I’m out, cool, delete.

I can appreciate what Alanis Morissette did here for the the film City of Angels.  Beyond the sound, music with a strong lyrical component as part of the crafting, is some of my favorite.  The release of someone because you know they are unable to love you is healthy, but damn hard.


Comic Con 2012 Friday



A lies worth of truth.

You’re a little broken.

I think I’ve seen it a time or two.

Might be close to crumbling.

But that is just what things do.

I never took one to know one

But mistook is a showoff

And nothing is less than a fool.

It’s just crooked of cruel.

Sometimes, well, just left of true


Each crack a twisted rue

Contrived, saying adieu

A paradoxical melodic view,

Uniquely congruent tuned

To play this game of you.

Fair Warning, Beware

What up, cuzin?
Help me out
I need to find a hero.
The only man I always see
Ain’t no hero to me.
I’m not a millionaire –
I’d settle for a thousand here.
I say got when I should say have,
But realize articulate speech is relative.
Short, concise – I’m broke.
I am not privileged.
I only got my high school diploma
And that school of hard knocks
Pays what I paid,
But not what I deserve.
See me?
With little to no opportunity
I’m coming for you.
Yes, you.
And you will never see me.
Now is not the time
To stop holding me down
To risk giving me my just deserves!
You know those people you hate?
Those things you call what we all are here?
Are not from here either.
I speak three languages
For you
For me
For my people.
Where are you?
Insert city here:

Did you scream it?

Why do we scream the worst places?
Some of ya’ll just know a couple rap songs
Others know where they live is hip hop.
Our lives are still just as bad.
So you can play the power
Racist society necessitates.
Okay, you do your part.
Be so fair warned –
My people are supermen
And they’re coming with me.

Mobb Deep, the Queensbridge duo.  This is that crime is my lifestyle music.  I live crime as a gateway to the American dream.  Affording the lifestyle to which the rich are accustomed is only possible by taking what I need.  Another question of paradigm.  Behind every fortune, there is a crime.  Why is their crime illegal?  According to whom?

It’s useless to ask the ocean why it’s so amazingly blue. . .

it is of no consequence for it will still drown you without conscience.

Its presence is uniquely beautiful from the outside.

Yet, it does not love you for it isn’t in its nature to do so.

It will only take from you while neither expecting or asking,

but quite willingly accepting more.

Still, so many miss the blue loving the amazing ’til death.


Creativity –

In itself nativity

For the depravity

Found in negativity

But more actually

All too typically

Lacking this reality

I feel naturally

Your truth sporadically

Less than factually

Comes wrapped melodically

But trained in audacity

My tangible acrimony

Rebels so wholly

I am invisibility

In your criminality

Shadows dying miraculously

Spirit protected intrinsically

Believing in irrationality

Might just arguably

Be absolute surety

No plausible subtlety

No credible deniability

Claim your falsity